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Project Description
A fully managed MP3 to WAV decoder. The code was originally based on JavaLayer (v1.0.1), which has been ported to C#. Use in conjunction with NAudio for file conversion and real-time playback.

  • Is there a released version? - Not yet, I want to do some more testing first, and improve the end user API.
  • How good is the performance? - Well its not going to compete with unmanaged MP3 to WAV libraries, but most modern PCs will have no difficulty decompressing in real-time.
  • How do I use it? Have a look at the test project which comes with the source code for an example of how to convert files and (hopefully soon) play in real time. These examples make use of NAudio, an open source .NET audio library.
  • Why is this not part of NAudio? This is licensed as LGPL, which means we cannot make the source part of NAudio directly, which has a more permissive license.

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