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Can't decode files with bitrates other than 320?

first post: that_ryan_guy wrote: I've got two files I'm trying to decode using the test app. One fi...

latest post: ioctlLR wrote: Don't know if you've taken a look at the newer versions, but this i...

What audio format does MpegFile.ReadSamples return?

first post: sbaus wrote: Hello everybody, since there is no documentiation on nlayer, I wo...

latest post: sbaus wrote: Thanks, that helped me :).

Simplify Seeking

first post: ioctlLR wrote: Playing around with this... I've added a method to Header.cs to m...

latest post: markheath wrote: cool, that's a nice optimisation, thanks for sharing

MP3 Encoder

first post: jtsoftware wrote: Thanks so much for your work. It would be really super if you coul...

VB.NET port of TestApp

first post: PeanutPower wrote: I Mark I've tried porting the test app to VB.NET (my comfort langu...

NLayer code for MP3 length

first post: bg58137 wrote: I have a project that needs mp3 length calculation. I used NAudio, ...

What's up?

first post: alansoft wrote: Sounds interesting.Is this project dead or will a downloadable sour...

latest post: markheath wrote: go to the Source Control tab, click Download

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